Monday, June 24, 2013

Motivation? Zzzzzz

There are times when we are not motivated at all. Days when we're like "Ahhh screw it I'm going back to bed" "I'm too lazy to work out today" "I don't want to do any kind of work". Yes, days like that. 

I'm not gonna do anything to motivate you though. It's your job to motivate yourself, no one else can force you what you want to do.

I for example just found out that TELLY makes me lazy (for sure it's not just me, TV is bad, really really bad :D) I just hate the fact that I was not able to do anything productive yesterday cos I started watching this Korean series "I Miss You", and it's just so hard not knowing what's gonna happen next, so you keep playing the next episode, then the next one, then next..... I did like 8mins HIIT workout though, which was better than nothing. But I didn't get to do anything that I would be proud of.

Anyways, back to motivations, there is nothing more you need than google and youtube! They're free! (internet is not though, you hafta pay for that) Read what interests you. Watch what motivates you. TV makes me depress and lazy, so I'm gonna have to cut back on that. I'm currently reading Robin Sharma's The Leader Who Had No Title after finishing The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (the book that I bought almost two years ago, well I finally got through the ending!).

I started reading novels on my early teens, I read Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High, I read Sidney Sheldon's when I started working. Then I stopped, not really sure why. Someone said reading a book is a waste of time. She's a 'b' for saying that. Book is the best friend of a wise. Read and absorb!

Here are some of my google keywords:

I should go, I was supposed to make a lot of calls today, but I didn't have the energy to do it cos I wasn't motivated. I will now get into my workout gear and start punching and kicking and jumping. Then wake up early tomorrow to face the day and work!

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