Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dip Dye Weekend

I'm not a big fan of dark roots peeking through my coloured hair. It's been over a month and it was time to do some more damage to my chemically treated hair :-(

I was going to get that moussey stuff from Schwarzkopf, but I saw Syoss on the shelves and I have been seeing their ads along Sheikh Zayed Road, so why not *the power of lamp post ads*.

I bleached my hair before and I didn't wanna do that again so I used Syoss 8-6, which is light blonde? :-s Started on my roots, after about 40 minutes of developing time (I never follow the instructions that came in the box, who does?) I combed it through midway (cos my ends are damaged), waited few more minutes, washed, towel dried and used a semi-permanent aubergine colour midway. I'm loving it, it's a fun summer hair colour. I'd probably switch to pink and green, if I can find these colours.

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