Friday, June 29, 2012


comfort food

Kandee's Chocolate Cake
we baked chocolate cake with chocolate frosting...heaven!

Naked Pizza
meat overload! we're in love with the farmvil pizza...delish and healthy!
you can order online at NKD Pizza

found the perfect macarons with so yummy can't get enough of these babies! 
Available in Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

weekend / weekday escape and foodies


Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain

felt so great to be away from Dubai...

went to see the hot springs, which was so short, I was expecting it to be high...
there was a foto...but I was on I decided not to post it...

we had lunch at the Mercure, well...he had lunch, I had white wine...I had been craving for crispy fried fish since last weekend...had to wait till we get back to Dubai...finally satisfied my craving at a cheap Filipino resto in Deira (Tipanan), best cheapest meal ever! crappy service though, as expected...


Jebel Ali Shooting Club
flying plates...what a delight...but i feel like throwing them, that would release my stress a whole lot better...

a peek at the menu

nachos and salsa

my 7-pcs onion rings, damn 1 piece of whole onion for Dhs 30, it was bland but so crunchy and the bbq sauce made up for it and his starter, I forgot but for sure it was some raw fish or something...

his cowboy steak

my jumbo prawns...yum!


my very own Asian Cheese Cake :D - not baked...steamed...

oh it was a least with the little monsters :D


watched Snow White and The Huntsman (poor movie by the way, boring and lacking of so many things) with
Garrett Cashew Caramel and Cheese Corn Popcorn...ze bomb!
yes I was able to sneak them inside the cinema cos my bag was intentionally empty

...and Laduree Macarons
with all the hype...nothing special in my opinion, Shakespeare's macarons was way better!

little monsters loved and enjoyed the popcorn and macarons :D


went to Saladicious Jumeirah yet again, one of  the resto's I introduced to my beloved and quickly became one of his fave...lovely dinner...but the food below was just my dinner, as he started digging into his food before I could whip  out the camera...let's just say he had some raw salmon for his starter and some duck for his main :D

Chocolate Mousse (my starter), Fresh Watermelon

Veal Milanese with Penne Arrabiata

@ Holiday Inn, Barsha
watched Eurocup 2012 - Poland v Russia 
Vodka Orange and Whiskey

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

weekend sun...beers...foodies

so...last weekend started at the rooftop...

on the waiting list @ Belgian Beer Cafe, Grand Millenium Hotel

hence...we went to Madinat Jumeirah 

home cooked meals for Friday

My Mahal's specialty: chicken noodle soup with mayo 

my menudo

our chocolate marble cake

Sunday breakfast

sweet cravings on a Sunday night after Church
Pita Cheddar Cheese Cake Asian <3

our matching baseball hats from Ferrari World Abu Dhabi...spell DORKS :D

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