Monday, October 31, 2011

swiss open air

oh boy was i glad to be able to catch their last screening which was moneyball...if i didn't google swiss open air cinema i wouldn't even know they were here, well not here in dubai but in abu first time to see a film in the largest outdoor screen was in 2009 at dubai media city and the movie was new moon with the gorgeous vamp of all...Robert Pattinson

and last saturday, i was able to see another gorgeous man, tho he's old...he's still got it...thank you for making my night brad pitt <3

these photos are eeehhh crappy...there's a chick next to me who were also taking photos...ergo the flash reflected on the photos i took...

the tickets

it's always been fascinating to me seeing that big screen getting in position :D

i don't like beer...but they didn't have anything was either heineken or stella

the other chick and moi

it was a long drive with a pleasant company


Friday, October 28, 2011

false, real and injury

another face post har har

okkk im just bored 

fotos taken with my fone as i dont have any other camera...been playing with flash on and off...dunno how to use photoshop so all my fotos are pretty much straight from whatever camera fone im using :D so take a look at those gigantic pores on my nose! quote my little zoe "yikes!"

yours truly


oohhh here's another one

definitely not my face

so i was gonna take a shower the other night before going to bed, i was already in the tub and i forgot to take my facial wash which was on the sink...well, thinking my arms are flexible and long, i decided to just put a leg out of the tub and stretched out my arm to reach that thing and boom! yeh i slipped...i was crying cos it was really painful and laughing at the same time cos of my stupidity and laziness :D i think i was laying on the floor for few good minutes...and jeez that floor was really cold! its been two days now and my right knee has turned purple...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

all i want for Christmas

no...nah ah...not you :D

there are other things that makes me happy, it's not just eating, watching the box, dawdling, making my little monsters playtime a misery (ha ha jk, no really not :D), shopping know the other thing ^_^

the following stuffs will not only make me smile but the little people around me, well at least the first two items :D

* a huge glass full of plain m&m's *

** tic-tac (the mint flavoured mint) dispenser...a huge dispenser to refill my small one **

*** make-up book (last one i got is like 1200 yrs ago it was Kevyn Aucoin Face Fwd ***

**** a walk in closet (yeah in my dreams) ****

***** or better yet a sephora gift i can choose anything i want, 5 stars baby! *****

hope i can get all these in time for Christmas...gotta buy a packet of m&m's everyday starting today :D - yes the above list is my gift for moi :p

instead of poinsettias why not stargazer lilies? 

the star of all Christmas Decor
a hot pink Xmas Tree

the pressies!

Christmas isn't just about the presents (but it plays a huge factor hee hee), it's about being with your loved ones

i miss Christmas in Philippines which starts as early as september :(

and oh-em-gee! look what i found in youtube! i love you youtube!

me, me and me

what's nice about blogging everything can be just all about you...

here, i don't have to care what anyone says
i can blog about anything i wanna blog about
it's like living in my own little bubble, anyone who dares pop it...eeehhh *shrugs* i don't care ^_^
people will always have something to say about you...we all like talking (good/bad...mostly bad things) behind peoples back, you can't really do anything about it, or can you?

as far as i know what i say behind people's back, i've probably already said it to their faces
what really gets to me is when i found out what other people said on my behind, then pretending to be all all you want just make sure it doesn't come back all the way to me, cos we don't wanna get the situation all ugly!

cheers my too faced friends! keep it pretty ;-)
(if it isn't obvious...pun intended :D)

the porefessional from benefit

# 160 mufe hd 

dark brown from nyx eyebrow cake powder

boot black liquid eyeliner from mac

they're real mascara from benefit plus some cheap false lashes

fantasy island lt. green from too faced liquif-eye eye shadow collection 
shroom from mac
wood winked from mac

mango cha cha tint from benefit

sublime rouge star from lise watier

urgh! that is a lot of products for such a simple look! i wonder how the pro's do it, i got tired just doing this...


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SHOP || designer for high street

to be honest, i wasn't going gaga with the Versace collection for H&M cos the sneak peak photos scattered all over the internet didn't really appeal to me and i kinda hated them! in short i could careless...but then these images from Lovestyle caught my attention, and they are haunting me! they all look so vivid...don't you think you can feel the texture of these beauties? well i still think some of the pieces are...ugh! just hideous...but oh my! look at these gorgeous!!! i want at least any one of them ha ha!

big day on: Thursday, 17th November 2011 - Dubai Mall & Mall of the Emirates

hint of a new scent

What to watch out for next year... around Fall 2012?

New scent from one of my fave icons! Nicole Richie - I love her! We love her!
I cannot wait to know what she would smell like ^_^  It is long overdue! She should've done this a long time ago. So excited and seriously cannot wait! They said its going to hit the stores in September 2012!!! Really?! that long? better worth the wait...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

FOODIES || circle


best girly cafe in Dubai!

my first time to have dinner @ circle. it's one of my favourite breakfast destinations aside from central perk in umm suqueim, coffee bean at la plage and mcd's which is everywhere. i've yet to try jones the grocer, heard a lot about it and i wanna check it out myself.

so here was our dinner, i had these food in the same order as the photos ^_^

baked vanilla cheesecake
(just the best baked cheesecake ever!)

steak salad
(its like my province in a plate! not a huge veg eater, don't like anything leafy or soft, but i'm trying and i would only eat salads outside...i don't think i would make it from home)

smoked turkey in plain bagel
(this is ok, i would've love onion bagel but of course they only have three choices -sesame-plain-wheat-)

chicken something hehe i forgot what its called
(just tasted this cos i was already full with the first three courses, and i forgot now what it was like :p)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

FOODIES || another thai disappoint

THAI TERRACE (12-Oct-11)

When we wanna eat something nasty, we always head to Karama. We initially planned on eating crispy Korean chicken at Bon Chon (now kimchikin) but saw a parking spot just right in front of Thai Terrace so we decided to have Thai instead.

Big mistake! Huge! Food was average and redonkulously overpriced! The resto is in Trade Centre Road opposite Spinneys, in line with the usual fast food restos for crying out loud! Nobody expects to pay Dhs50+ for appetizers. I assume the place is popular with single eaters cos there were three occupied tables when we arrived and they all seemed to be having tom yum. This is the second Thai resto that disappointed me, the first one is Smiling BKK in Al Wasl Road, the place was infested with cockroaches. Sorry but it isn't normal for some people to see a roach crawling on their plates! I need to restore my faith in Thai food. Need to visit Lemongrass, but not anytime soon...

what we ordered:

Poo Ja (Deep Fried Stuffed Crab)
crab shell filled with mixed crab meat, shrimp, chicken then deep fried
*no trace of crab on the stuffing, i think the only crab in that was the shell*

Goong Hom Pha (Deep Fried Prawn Spring Roll)
whole prawns marinated in special sauce
*this i like, it was prawn wrapped on a pastry, then again you can hardly go wrong with that*

Phad Poy Sian (Stir Fried Glass Noodle Seafood)
shrimp, squid, fish ball, thai celery and mixed veg
*bland, hardly any noodles, squid was rubbery*

Drinks (Tea and Coke)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WATCH || 2 broke girls

Set in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, the series chronicles the lives of two waitresses in their twenties—Max (Kat Dennings), who comes from a poor working-class family (and works an additional job as a nanny to a Manhattan socialite), and Caroline (Beth Behrs), who was born rich but is now disgraced and penniless due to her father being caught operating a Bernard Madoff-esque Ponzy scheme — working together at a Brooklyn restaurant. The two become friends and build their dream of one day opening a cupcake shop (for which they need to raise $250,000), although they can barely afford anything with the pay they receive at work, and must continually find ways to make ends meet. Among those working with them at the restaurant are their boss, Han Lee (Matthew Moy); Oleg (Jonathan Kite), an upbeat Russian cook; and Earl (Garrett Morris), the cashier. At the end of each episode, a tally shows how much of the $250,000 goal they have earned so far. - Wikipedia

lurve this sitcom. light and stupid with lovable casts. definitely not for people who takes life too seriously. i like my tube to give me laughs. can't wait for the next episode!

SHOP || save your sole

love your shoes? gotta save those soles! 

ultimate must have for the designer shoe-lover

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SHOP || pink support

two shops that women of Dubai must visit this October to show some support in fight against Breast Cancer

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