Sunday, March 18, 2012

bits and pieces

my first House of Harlow 1960 piece...nothing but pure love!

from Sophie's Closet

and i requested purple eyeliner and lipstick for happy :) 

bonus hello kitty and versace eyeshadows 

thank you sponsors! hee hee

* unedited - all photos taken using Samsung Galaxy S2 *

my first beer tasting experience

i've always hated beers...just the thought of someone handing me a beer makes me wanna puke...well i had beers before but, i had them when i was already i don't think that really counts...i just don't like anything 
bitter that's it, nothing more, i'm okay with people drinking's just that i'm more into cocktails and wines on most days...

ze zhopa said this "hoegaarden" is great especially for someone like me...i only agreed cos i like saying it...hoegaarden :)

we went to Belgian Beer Cafe  which recently opened in Souk Madinat Jumeirah...i've been to the one in Festival City but i never touched their beers...but this time i just fell in love with them especially hoegaarden and cherry nice and smooth and it almost seemed like i wasn't drinking beer...

it's makes me happy :D

get all these gorgeous beers from Belgian Beer Cafe 


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