Thursday, November 24, 2011

hello kitty make-up and strawberries

been really lazy this past few days...the weather in Dubai is PMSing and it's a bit hard not to get carried away...been feeling sick and the mood is down...

but hey! nothing better than new make-ups and strawberry cheesecake to cheer the mood up!

i got these goodies from my make-up suppliers :D

ily Jane for the teeny YSL mascara and ily TokiDoki for my Hello Kitties 
(hmmm i want more!)

really wish they'd produce all mascara in sample sizes so it doesn't go to waste. i read in a magazine years ago that you're only supposed to use a tube of mascara for a month (for hygienic reason).i also heard Kris Aquino saying that on her old talk show, i wasn't even into make-up when i first read about it...but it stuck, although i do not follow it...i use my mascara until it works great :D

hello kitty 4 eye shadow palette in smoky purple
AED 109/- 

 hello kitty mono eyeshadow in cuba libre
AED 66/-

...and strawberry cheesecake...tho it looks like they've been murdered they still tasted yummay!

before i's Turkey Day...Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers...
share the love and the turkey 


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Red Red Wine


Someone was feeling i took the chance and dragged him to Amika at Monarch Hotel for late dinner and drinks...

a page from the menu

my first course: chesse cake
(my never ending search for the best cheese cake, i still think Circle's cheesecake is the best! i love the coulis and and the addition of vanilla ice cream on this cheesecake though)

his first course: beef carpaccio
(im now thinking this one of his fave since he almost always order it when its on the menu and he said this one is the best carpaccio he had so far!)

my main course: slow cooked beef cheek served over mashed potato, chantarelle mushrooms, sauteed brussels sprout, red wine sauce reduction
(exactly the reason i took a photo of that page from the i will be able to write all those :D)
the beef was oh so tender and so yummay! 

his main course: same as above...he didn't order any mains at first cos he said he was still full but when he saw me digging in he got so tempted and since we were not in Karama we couldn't exchange plate or share food...

but i think that's all bull**** so what?! you are gonna pay for the food...that's yours you can do whatever you want with it! ugh! that's what i hate about fine dining, people are all so proper! but seriously, i don't's fun acting like you're posh when you're really not...

red red wine

a bottle of bourgogne pinot noir
overall experience: very satisfactory, the food was the best (according to my companion), i must agree that the beef was heavenly, the Moldovan waiter was attentive...always on his feet to pour us wine and sparkling one point they started conversing in Russian which was music to my ears (you decide if that was sarcastic or sweet :D) was sweet, i would love to learn how to speak fluent Russian but it is just so eggin difficult...

interior is so-so, i've seen better...the empty frames don't cut it for me...

the bill came out to a whopping AEDxxxx! well, mainly cos of the wine
this is by far the most expensive fine dinner i've had and i love the fact that i was with a special someone but i know there are much better fine dining restos out there

are we going back? hmmm maybe for a couple of drinks or ladies night! for food...gotta try a new one!

oohh and i wanted to do an OOTD cos i love my red wine dress but i wasn't in the mood so this is all i could manage...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

OOTD blue & yellow > ferrari world > femme fatale

too lazy, tired and sleepy to write...but here goes my day yesterday...

a peek in Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

my pop of colour: YELLOW 

stripey white and navy blue shirt > h&m
navy blue shorts > no name
yellow boots > adidas
black bag > splash
chain > from my bff
bracelets & bangles > don't remember where they're from

my bff's outfit which i love
prints and stripes

 Britney Spears in Yas Arena, Abu Dhabi
(photos from Gulf News and Time Out Dubai)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

shop || versace for h&m

anyone else here in Dubai itching to shop?

just a week from now and we can get our hands on Versace for H&M collection

here are my picks...

299 AED
299 AED

1099 AED
149 AED
699 AED

149 AED

129 AED

109 AED

149 AED

799 AED

Thursday, 17th November 2011
Dubai Mall

Monday, November 7, 2011

nail flip and flip guru

I had a hello kitty cosmetics post bout two months ago...and finally they are now open in Galeries Lafayette in Dubai Mall...I've seen the POS display and was inspired with the pink and black combo...I used to love that colour combo, I remember I had an oakley pink and black sunnies, which of course I lost somewhere...

ok and now onto my nails...

I don't have a hot pink polish so I just used the only pink I pink

excuse my hands...I know they're not pretty...I have a guy friend with prettier and softer hands than mine :D

i added gold glitters & a tiny red heart on the black polish so it won't look like a dead nail

my current fave beauty guru jlovesmac1 

I stumbled on her video and I hated her haha i think she's a little bit OTT but then I decided to click on another video and I dont know I just like her...and now cant stop watching her...especially when I found out she's a Filipina

most of her videos are only like 5-6 mins and you wont get bored, I swear! :D


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

OOTD canadian blues

1st November...happy halloween! better late than later... 

when i have nothing to wear...or just couldn't be bothered to iron...maxi dresses and denim jacket or cardis are my best friends...and today was one of those days...

 *maxi dress*

*denim jacket*



I was passing by Sheikh Zayed Road one afternoon and there was a long queue outside this cafe...of course i was intrigued! 

first experience with the Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons tonight was the the bagels...soup...iced capp supreme is so so but over all it was great and i will be visiting again soon...gotta try that double double whatever :D

smart move...getting a location next to starbucks :D

oh Canada! 

 timbits - chicken bbq wrap - onion bagel w/ cream cheese - broccoli soup - iced capp supreme - strawberry banana smoothie

 Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop
Location: a little past Financial Centre Metro Station - Number One Suites Tower
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