Monday, July 23, 2012


Happy 54th Birthday my dear mother! We are missing you here.
I know how difficult I am all the time but...whachagonnado :) it's not like you can put me back where I came from.
I love you and I wish everything is better.

p.s. been trying to call you and send you texts for weeks now...i think i dont have the right number :s I now have a phobia of checking facebook messages. Only calls and texts cos very few people have my new number now. Text me please.

scent surprise and colours

I just love it when my mahal takes me by surprise. We had lunch at our fave China bistro returned back at my work desk...well not in peace. He phoned after maybe half an hour or so and asked me to come out of the office, said he was gonna tell me something. At first I thought he'd say he changed his mind about something, but then he hands me a little paper bag with this little fancy perfume inside. Asked me to open it right then and there, and made me try it to see if I liked the scent, it was so sweet and so thoughtful. And just in time cos I have only few spritz left from the Burberry Body perfume he gave me.
I still don't know how to react when I'm surprised, but I was beyond happy when he does it & <3

Fan di Fendi EDP

Nyx Polishes in taffeta, dark red and compulsive
my three essential nail colours

Bath & Body Works
small haul:
cookies and s'mores candles - they were tiny but they smell so sweet and burning time is long enough, and came with a free holder! 
sanitizers - aquarius, libra, leo, scorpio and pisces
shower gel
and the softest socks ever!

my little Zoe-zoe applying make up :)

building my crafts corner (helps keep my sanity) - I need to get my other paints and brushes and whatever stuffs I have left from the previous flat!
I'm painting something (at the left corner) and hopefully will finish it this week.

These (and more) are all courtesy of my mahal. I feel a little bit spoiled :D

cupcakes, macarons and popcorns

Baked dozens and dozens of cupcakes twice in a week...or make it thrice, baked a couple of dozens more for a friend's baby shower last 14th of July. That was the effect of 2 Broke Girls marathon :)

*mmmacaron crazy lady*
They're both made in the UAE, but I discovered Forrey & Galland offers much more flavours. But not very impressed that they just have a kiosk in Dubai Festival City. If you want macarons that isn't made here, it costs Dhs 3 more from Laduree and they fly it from France. I'm still leaning more over Fauchon, I love their fig macaron. I would bake them, but not so fond bout trials and errors in baking. I know they're just mostly egg whites, but I'm not ready to work that hard yet. Maybe in the winter..


Forrey & Galland

*marathon night with little monsters and three bowls of popcorn*

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