Monday, July 23, 2012

cupcakes, macarons and popcorns

Baked dozens and dozens of cupcakes twice in a week...or make it thrice, baked a couple of dozens more for a friend's baby shower last 14th of July. That was the effect of 2 Broke Girls marathon :)

*mmmacaron crazy lady*
They're both made in the UAE, but I discovered Forrey & Galland offers much more flavours. But not very impressed that they just have a kiosk in Dubai Festival City. If you want macarons that isn't made here, it costs Dhs 3 more from Laduree and they fly it from France. I'm still leaning more over Fauchon, I love their fig macaron. I would bake them, but not so fond bout trials and errors in baking. I know they're just mostly egg whites, but I'm not ready to work that hard yet. Maybe in the winter..


Forrey & Galland

*marathon night with little monsters and three bowls of popcorn*

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