Thursday, August 23, 2012

the cheesecake factory

 One way of wearing bows that doesn't make you look like a toddler.
*baci lingerie bow stockings*
*pinkbutter dress*
*splash envelope clutch*

the cheesecake factory finally opened in Dubai Mall last August 15

Very clever of Al Shaya advertising their other brands throughout the menu.
...but there is just a lot going on inside that I couldn't decide what to order :s
I wanted to taste each and every one of these...
*peach smoothie* (his)

*island cooler* (mine)
*hibachi steak* (his)
i tasted his steak and it was perfectly cooked...the way i would've wanted if that was mine...

*jamaican pepper shrimp* (mine)
loved everything on this plate, it was like a medley, they compliment each other really well...jamaican spice...bananas...pickled mango...brown rice...i didn't touch the black beans though, not a big fan.

*chocolate bar cheesecake* (share)
it was a huge piece of cake, shame we couldn't get ourselves to finish it cos we were so full

*happy tummy*

i had more fotos of food from one of the best small unknown resto in Dubai but got deleted :( just have to wait till we visit that place again...

icey's 11th


*one item off her wishlist*

*my first attempt of baking a rainbow cake*
i was told it wasn't as annoyingly sweet like my cupcakes before
i got compliments yay! :D

*another cake from Paul*

11 candles

i love you my baby first <3>

Thursday, August 9, 2012

sweet and mexican cravings

this looked so good, but not a big fan of marzipan 

chocolate cake with pink royal icing

lazy dinner solution...tacos

making my own pavlova at the moment...not the same one they were serving at wagamama though that was nice, i like the traditional looking one...

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