Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Red Red Wine


Someone was feeling spontaneous...so i took the chance and dragged him to Amika at Monarch Hotel for late dinner and drinks...

a page from the menu

my first course: chesse cake
(my never ending search for the best cheese cake, i still think Circle's cheesecake is the best! i love the coulis and and the addition of vanilla ice cream on this cheesecake though)

his first course: beef carpaccio
(im now thinking this one of his fave since he almost always order it when its on the menu and he said this one is the best carpaccio he had so far!)

my main course: slow cooked beef cheek served over mashed potato, chantarelle mushrooms, sauteed brussels sprout, red wine sauce reduction
(exactly the reason i took a photo of that page from the menu...so i will be able to write all those :D)
the beef was oh so tender and so yummay! 

his main course: same as above...he didn't order any mains at first cos he said he was still full but when he saw me digging in he got so tempted and since we were not in Karama we couldn't exchange plate or share food...

but i think that's all bull**** so what?! you are gonna pay for the food...that's yours you can do whatever you want with it! ugh! that's what i hate about fine dining, people are all so proper! but seriously, i don't mind...it's fun acting like you're posh when you're really not...

red red wine

a bottle of bourgogne pinot noir
overall experience: very satisfactory, the food was the best (according to my companion), i must agree that the beef was heavenly, the Moldovan waiter was attentive...always on his feet to pour us wine and sparkling water...at one point they started conversing in Russian which was music to my ears (you decide if that was sarcastic or sweet :D) ...it was sweet, i would love to learn how to speak fluent Russian but it is just so eggin difficult...

interior is so-so, i've seen better...the empty frames don't cut it for me...

the bill came out to a whopping AEDxxxx! well, mainly cos of the wine
this is by far the most expensive fine dinner i've had and i love the fact that i was with a special someone but i know there are much better fine dining restos out there

are we going back? hmmm maybe for a couple of drinks or ladies night! for food...gotta try a new one!

oohh and i wanted to do an OOTD cos i love my red wine dress but i wasn't in the mood so this is all i could manage...


  1. food looks delicious! And i love the dress you're wearing

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  2. Looks like you guys had a great time. The food looks amazing! The color of the dress looks beautiful on you my dear.

    Thanks for following me, I followed you back ;)

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