Thursday, November 24, 2011

hello kitty make-up and strawberries

been really lazy this past few days...the weather in Dubai is PMSing and it's a bit hard not to get carried away...been feeling sick and the mood is down...

but hey! nothing better than new make-ups and strawberry cheesecake to cheer the mood up!

i got these goodies from my make-up suppliers :D

ily Jane for the teeny YSL mascara and ily TokiDoki for my Hello Kitties 
(hmmm i want more!)

really wish they'd produce all mascara in sample sizes so it doesn't go to waste. i read in a magazine years ago that you're only supposed to use a tube of mascara for a month (for hygienic reason).i also heard Kris Aquino saying that on her old talk show, i wasn't even into make-up when i first read about it...but it stuck, although i do not follow it...i use my mascara until it works great :D

hello kitty 4 eye shadow palette in smoky purple
AED 109/- 

 hello kitty mono eyeshadow in cuba libre
AED 66/-

...and strawberry cheesecake...tho it looks like they've been murdered they still tasted yummay!

before i's Turkey Day...Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers...
share the love and the turkey 


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  1. Yikes...if you're supposed to change mascara every month, we're all in trouble. Haha.

    Stay Beautiful,


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