Wednesday, December 14, 2011

pink xmas tree project

Been ages since my last post... its now almost mid December and my favourite holiday is coming in less than two weeks! 

We finally finished our pink Christmas tree project. My little Icey had this brilliant idea that saved me a lot of time and moolah! Instead of searching for a pink plastic tree she said "Why not spray paint our old tree Mommy?" and voila! 3 cans of 3 different shades of pink we finally finished spray painting our old tree...the angel sitting on top of the star is a pin which I got from Accessorize ages ago I finally found a place for it...and I'm loving the zebra stripes removable wall decor I got from Ace Hardware :D

well...we have no chimneys in the Middle East, hence the keyboard stand hee hee

a messy corner...fake pink roses and fresh flowers on the floor from my mahal...

to add more pink...hed kandi headphones and YUBZ pink pop handset that i got early this year...they were selling these pop handsets for dhs 300/- at the Covent Garden Market at The Walk in they're cheaper which is why i was glad i got it for free...i think i only used it a couple of times when they were new...people used to laugh at these now they're everywhere!

dunno when im gonna do my next post...have a Merry Christmas everyone!


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  1. Haha...I love the pink!

    I have a Burberry-look-alike giveaway on my blog...come check it out.
    Stay Beautiful,


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