Saturday, December 31, 2011 fave activity

I realised I just made one post this December...and thought that can't be...I needed to take here are some of the things I've done early December...

1st December 2011
BBQ somewhere in the middle of desert
awww...look at that baby sitting purdy in the middle of the desert <3

we found a deserted desert along Dubai - Al Ain Road...seriously no other people was around that breezy afternoon...but it was too breezy and we weren't prepared...we got sand all over our barbies so we decided to just continue grilling at the balcony :D
on our way back to Dubai Silicon was lovely...

he marinated the chicken legs and lamb chops while i did my wonders on pork ribs hee hee

pink wine <3

yummay! looking forward to doing this again...

2nd December 2011

our breaky...tender juicy hotdogs, eggs and garlic fried rice...i love sharing a plate...i think he's learned...told him it would save me time doing the dishes :D

@ Jumeirah / Al Wasl Road to see the cray happenings on UAE's 40th National Day

a man was selling these party foams on the street so we got some...and i started spraying on some kids that were passing by...

i got them first...didn't expect they would catch on...the windows were open so...yeah got foam all over my hair...crazy kids ha ha loves it!

foamy window

crisps all over the car...with all the traffic i remember wanting to get down and taking one cos i needed something to munch on...

8th December 2011

we had lunch at Max's and i got him to try this caramel bar which was a part of the combo that i ordered...we asked (well begged actually) a staff if she can hook us up with about four more cos it was just heaven...she said no cos they might be short on supplies...but then she came back after few minutes and said they can give us a box for...hmm I forgot how much, she also mentioned that that was the first time they've done it cos i was with someone foreign lol...but thanks to my mahal...

Russian Food...i wanna surprise my mahal with something Russian...but he's very picky and he wanted something traditional...i showed him some recipes i found on android apps and he said that wasn't Russian! so i don't know...maybe i will just surprise him with a pickle or something :p

 some of my monstess favourite @ home...sweets and real food

chicken macaroni soup

tocino, chopsouey, fried eggplant, bagoong and of course rice...well these are all my faves

no bake chocolate fudge

pancake with chocolate chips and ice cream

fried chicken and beef broccoli

* unedited - all photos taken using Samsung Galaxy S2 *

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