Saturday, December 31, 2011

DIY || ball of lilies

2nd DIY

and this was accidental...cos i never planned on doing this...i just found these amazing stuffs while i was walking around in Karama where i went the other night to buy a razor comb...the materials are so cheap and so easy to make :D

* foam ball *
* bunches of fake lilies *
 * cute heart pins *

i didn't need any other tools...just my hands...the flowers detach from the stems i just put the pin in the middle of the flowers and pin them on the foam ball and voila! my little monsters can do this...but i wanted to enjoy it all by myself :D

a little disappointment is that i didn't get to cover the whole ball cos i ran out of flowers...if they weren't so damn hard to get from all the stacks of flowers at the store i could've gotten more...but in any case i love the outcome...

i'm thinking of putting this in the bathroom where i currently have these sunflowers...hmmm

* unedited - all photos taken using Samsung Galaxy S2 *

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