Thursday, October 27, 2011

me, me and me

what's nice about blogging everything can be just all about you...

here, i don't have to care what anyone says
i can blog about anything i wanna blog about
it's like living in my own little bubble, anyone who dares pop it...eeehhh *shrugs* i don't care ^_^
people will always have something to say about you...we all like talking (good/bad...mostly bad things) behind peoples back, you can't really do anything about it, or can you?

as far as i know what i say behind people's back, i've probably already said it to their faces
what really gets to me is when i found out what other people said on my behind, then pretending to be all all you want just make sure it doesn't come back all the way to me, cos we don't wanna get the situation all ugly!

cheers my too faced friends! keep it pretty ;-)
(if it isn't obvious...pun intended :D)

the porefessional from benefit

# 160 mufe hd 

dark brown from nyx eyebrow cake powder

boot black liquid eyeliner from mac

they're real mascara from benefit plus some cheap false lashes

fantasy island lt. green from too faced liquif-eye eye shadow collection 
shroom from mac
wood winked from mac

mango cha cha tint from benefit

sublime rouge star from lise watier

urgh! that is a lot of products for such a simple look! i wonder how the pro's do it, i got tired just doing this...


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