Thursday, October 27, 2011

all i want for Christmas

no...nah ah...not you :D

there are other things that makes me happy, it's not just eating, watching the box, dawdling, making my little monsters playtime a misery (ha ha jk, no really not :D), shopping know the other thing ^_^

the following stuffs will not only make me smile but the little people around me, well at least the first two items :D

* a huge glass full of plain m&m's *

** tic-tac (the mint flavoured mint) dispenser...a huge dispenser to refill my small one **

*** make-up book (last one i got is like 1200 yrs ago it was Kevyn Aucoin Face Fwd ***

**** a walk in closet (yeah in my dreams) ****

***** or better yet a sephora gift i can choose anything i want, 5 stars baby! *****

hope i can get all these in time for Christmas...gotta buy a packet of m&m's everyday starting today :D - yes the above list is my gift for moi :p

instead of poinsettias why not stargazer lilies? 

the star of all Christmas Decor
a hot pink Xmas Tree

the pressies!

Christmas isn't just about the presents (but it plays a huge factor hee hee), it's about being with your loved ones

i miss Christmas in Philippines which starts as early as september :(

and oh-em-gee! look what i found in youtube! i love you youtube!

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