Tuesday, October 4, 2011

era's of fashion

"Every moment of your life is an opportunity for fashion" - Kurt Hummel
(I love gays and I love that quote of Kurt from Glee.)

We get up every morning, choose what to wear, accessorise then put on make-up. We don't do it to impress or get noticed by men. Women dress for other women. And I think I appreciate it better when a gorgeous stylish woman gives me a compliment ;-) (cos I know that they know what they're talking about). But now, lots and lots of men, not just gays appreciate our effort. Now there are straight men commenting on my pedicure or my shoes or my eyeshadow, it's nice knowing that they're straight...or are they?

We are all so lucky cos we get a chance to re-create all previous fashion era's and choose what we want or what works for us. Fashion era's I appreciate the most are 40's to 60's, very glam and sophisticated...and loving the colourful makeup and hair of the 80's. 

40's - 50's

Veronica Lake

Vivien Leigh 

60's - 70's

Audrey Hepburn



Cyndi Lauper


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