Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Changes...big word!

The reason I started to make some changes was certainly not because I was diagnosed of any illness, because I wasn't. I just reached that point where I asked myself "What the fudge am I still doing in this planet?" There are so many factors that I want to discuss but I don't really wanna get too personal. So, after going nuts and losing it and taking a shower and deep conditioning my hair, I picked up a book that I bought like almost two years ago but never got through reading it. We had a whole shelf of romantic and thriller and fantasy and what have you, I don't know why 'that' book. Am so glad I did because that book totally changed my game. 

I have decided to stop smoking. My last cigarette was on the night of June 7, I woke up the next day and threw the rest of the cigs. I didn't even need to use the nicotine patches that I have, so I was really proud of that. Three days after (still not smoking), I vowed to be a pescetarian cos I think it would be too extreme if I go vegetarian in a snap. I am still deciding though whether to have a cheat meat day. Most importantly, I stopped eating rice! It is the biggest change! Hello, I'm Asian! I have replaced rice with organic quinoa.

I started getting up early, not at 5am (mostly before 6am) but I'm getting there. I am now doing a variety of workouts, I'm currently into barre, bikram yoga and cardio hip hop. I go to the gym after I meditate every morning, it's really important that you have a quiet time for yourself everyday.

The hardest change I'm going thru at the moment, is working on controlling my temper. I refuse to believe that I have anger management issue. Can't say anything more about this cos, I'm still trying to improve myself.

I encourage you all to start writing and change your game if you feel like you're in a rut.

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