Thursday, July 14, 2011

making faces

My plan yesterday didn’t materialise, I ended up making faces! I first made a Katy Perry ET inspired make up on Icey. I like working on Icey’s face as she’s old enough and easy to work on. I don't have a photo though, cos it would make a bigger statement complete with the hair and all, it just didn't look right, will do it again soon with all the works. Then I turned Zoe and Liam blue by making Avatar inspired face paint of Neyriti and Jake. I had a bit of a trouble when Zoe fell asleep while I was doing her face sitting on a chair with a pillow on her back, she suddenly woke up and started crying. Oh the joy! I had to retouch her gazillion times and bribed her with a vanilla/strawberry ice cream and kit kat so she would stop crying hee hee! I also ended up painting my face ha ha!

here are the little monsters...

...and i just have to include this foto :D
a smoking Na'vi :D
...not that! this one! :p

I had so much fun doing the laundry and cleaning the flat last night wearing my Avatar inspired face.

Avatar sequel coming on 2014!



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