Sunday, July 17, 2011

a lot like love?

It was a lot like love, so what went wrong? There are so many factors why relationship ends. I don't wanna go thru those factors right now, when its over... its over, its done, khalas! You can never take back what's been done. It's probably for the best that you two called it quits.

We all have different ways in getting over someone. Some people need to surround themselves with other people, cos they don't wanna be alone. I think it's great, it's normal. But as for me, I would rather be alone for days or weeks or months, which is not cool cos it affects my relationship with my family and friends too.

Moving on is...lets face it, it's painful. You just got your heart broken by someone you really love. How do you move on? Especially when you're in the same city, particularly in the same area/street and you can see his apartment from where you live, it's torture! What do you do? Move to another country! Ok it's drastic, but it works. Getting on with your life would be much easier if there isn’t going to be a chance you two would cross paths. Knowing that he is on another side of the planet, it won't give you an idea to show up in a place where he frequent most. Another way which proved to be very popular, and a lot less hassle than packing your bags and getting on a plane is to “get under someone else”. You know what they say, “to get over someone, get under someone else”. That works pretty well! Trust me I know! Other things you can do is divert your attention, find a new hobby or you already had a hobby but stopped doing it so you can spend more time with that ex, try and do that again. Go out with friends, but steer clear from the things that you and your ex used to do together, you don’t wanna get caught in the middle of a queue at the cinemas, sobbing and murmuring how the two of you used to fight over which movie to watch at the same cinemas. If you’re a talker, talk to some random people, its amazing what you can find out and what you can learn from strangers. Since you’re a talker I assume you’d know where to find random people :P if you’re the silent type, creating a journal and pouring out all your thoughts is really comforting.

Remember only your relationship ended not your life. The more pain you feel the more stronger you're going to be. 

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