Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FOODIES || my malabon fix

I spent almost half of my life in Malabon. I remember going to grade school in my boots, umbrella and raincoat during the rainy/stormy season. And when I was in high school, whenever the road is dry, you’d find me in the streets with my friends, just wandering about, sometimes in a hopper (that’s scooter to some of you). I remember going to my best friend’s house every single day during school break, we’d eat and chat the whole day and talk to guys on the phone. I miss the streets of Malabon, I miss running every morning only to end up in any carinderia (canteen) that sells lugaw, tokwa't baboy (conjee, tofu and pork) and gain back all the calories I had burned, and most especially I miss Malabon food!!! This is what happens when you talk about food...I'm drooling and I can't wait to have some of my fave food from Malabon. Out of all these food, the only thing I can make myself is the Pancit Malabon. I will probably make this noodle this weekend :) 

Quekiam 1
Quekiam 2

 Pancit Malabon

I couldn't find a photo of Tapang Kabayo (horse meat), it is one of my Malabon food fix! *Dreaming of my high school days when I'd go to Nanay Tess's carinderia and order Tapang Kabayo for lunch* Well, at least I get to eat horse meat in Dubai, but it's not tapa and not from PI but from


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