Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why I Quit?

I quit smoking a month ago. I couldn't have done it though without my best friend. We were both smokers and we decided that it was time to quit. I put on a nicotine patch one time and it made my throat itch and I coughed a lot, and the nicotine gum, so gross! I had relapse twice in that one month, I knew it was bound to happen. But now, I really don't feel the need to reach for a stick.

I feel better, not running out of breath when I work out. Does food taste better? I don't know, my best friend says it does, but I don't feel the difference. My clothes and hair don't stink anymore!!!

My best friend got his teeth cleaned and whitened and I started practicing bikram yoga. We're both happy with the changes that we're making. Now if I can just convince him to go to yoga class with me....

People who smoke will quit when they are ready to quit. Nobody can ever force them. Even if you shove the disadvantages of smoking onto their faces, they will just ignore you.

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