Tuesday, August 30, 2011

one year

Movie Friday

Since there were no new good movies the past few weeks and we've seen all the watchable films, we decided to watch Horrible Bosses in Dubai Mall for few laughs. The jokes were old, but it never gets old hee hee whatever that means :D

Dinner @ Pushkin

There was only one table occupied when we arrived around 10ish for an afterthought dinner. The restaurant is relatively new, the interior is still so clean and white. I haven't seen any reviews and they're not even listed in TimeOutDubai yet. I asked for Kompot, cos I didn't see it on the drinks menu, they only had Apple and Cherry, I chose the latter one. Kompot is basically just fruit boiled in water with sugar, it was sweet and refreshing, I loved it! I also took a sip of Kvas, my manfriend said its a non alcoholic drink made from black bread, ergo the floating bits and pieces of black crumbs...yes "bread" :D it kinda tasted like beer to me...and I hate beer. When my Beef Stroganoff arrived, I wasn't really sure what to expect, I didn't really know what it's supposed to look like as there are so many variations. Mine arrived on a bed of Creamy Mashed Potato with Pickles on top, not very big on presentation but it was delish, so it was a winner to me. My late order of dumplings finally arrived while on my second glass of Kompot. It was just like any other dumplings nothing special. My total experience was great and it would be on my choices of resto if I'm in the area.

Pushkin is located in Amwaj 4, JBR - Tel: 04 427 0268

Kvas & Kompot

Beef Stroganoff

Lamb (forgot the whole name :p)

(my leftover) Dumplings (I think it was chicken :S) 


Spa Zen @ Radisson Royal Hotel

Been looking forward to our massage appointment, and when it was finally happening I never wanted it to end. I just wished I could be pampered like that forever! We got full body scrub and head to toe massage in a room, peeking when there's a chance ha ha! It was divine, I could use that kind of pampering every other day :D

After our massage appointment, we were supposed to have an Asian dinner in Habtoor. We arrived at the hotel quarter past 7 and the restaurant is not open until 8. So we had to sit outside and wait in temperature of over 40°C. Thankfully we didn't need to sit very long, the waitress ushered us inside the restaurant to the upper level, which is the smoking and sheesha area. She handed us the menu and to his surprise, the restaurant changed their menu to international. It didn't become a big issue we just went on and ordered our drinks, Iced Tea for him (cos he's driving) and Sangria for me :D steak for our mains, T-bone with Mushroom Sauce and Mashed for him and Rib-eye with Green Pepper Sauce and Mashed for moi, both medium-well. He got Smoked Salmon for starters and mine was Chocolate Cake (without Orange Sauce). I have been craving for a decent chocolate cake for maybe a week now. Their Salmon was so good, it felt really nice on my tongue, to think that I don't really like Salmon, especially when its raw. My Chocolate Cake, was dome-shaped and more like mousse with a little bit of sponge, covered with chocolate, it wasn't very sweet and not really rich, I finished it off :D Our Steak came about 10 mins after we finished our starter and dessert. I was starving and I really thought I could finish off the whole steak but I couldn't, shame!

Chocolate Cake & Smoked Salmon (Breads and Condiments on the side)

Rib-Eye & T-Bone

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