Monday, August 8, 2011

FOODIES || 800-Salad

Had a wonderful dinner last night at Saladicious. I’ve visited this resto number of times and they never failed to disappoint me, except for the absence of their oh-so-delightful-black-breads sometimes, last night was one of those times *gutted*, guess they ran out of ink again. 

Much to my surprise, my companion was ready to order as I was just starting to flip thru the menu. I asked him if he already knew what he was gonna have before we even reached the place and he said yes same thing that he had the last time, so there you go. I introduced him to this place months ago and he liked it, and when he likes the food that he first had he would always order them. I didn’t want to keep him waiting cos that was his first meal of the day...and no he wasn’t fasting, just been so busy during the day. Instead of having my dessert first like our last visit, I decided to have Beef Tataki for starters (cos I’ve already had Oreo Chocolate Custard Pie which I made at home with the little monsters before heading out). We both ordered Saladicious Steak for mains, he wanted his medium done with no blood and mashed potato *me huge smiles* while he had a little conversation with the waiter. I ordered mine medium well with sauteed veg., for drinks he chose fresh Pomegranate and I just ordered cold still water.

While I was savouring my tender rare beef and fresh greens, my companion was not very happy that he ordered Salmon Carpaccio, he was thinking of Sashimi Salad but he asked for the wrong Salmon. Oh well, he finished off his plate before I did, so I guess that wasn’t so bad. When we got our mains, again he wasn’t very pleased to see a wee bit of blood in his steak, but at the end of the meal his plate was clean just so I wouldn’t laugh at him :D Happy with my steak but couldn’t finish it off as always, so I had it to go.

Can’t wait to go back to Saladicious again and take my sweet time going thru their menu. Or better yet, go to their website before visiting since they have their menu online…I wish I had known that :D

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