Monday, October 12, 2009

oh what a beautiful night

my birthday that is! 

* t h u r s d a y *

I started the morning with a hot choco from Mama, kisses from my Angels and a warm shower. Then went back to sleep and was awakened by a doorbell around 12noon (that made me fall off the sofa) surprised! it was Hanna, so I went back to sleep again ha! ha!. She was trying to wake me up to go out have lunch and find a dress from BEBE, but I just couldn't be bothered :D finally woke up prolly an hour later, living room filled up with smoke, she cooked the can of corned beef she found in the kitchen cupboard hee hee lunch money saved!

Bitchness time! We went to deliver five dresses to Maylene, saw some familiar faces, the ones that i dont really like pfft. Took Hanna to City Hospital, not a biggie (just five sypmtoms of swine flu), she just needed to get a medical certificate for taking a day off on my 'day'. We waited for more than an hour! If it wasn't for the HOT DOC... it wouldn't be worth it ;-) Now we know where to go when we're sick, I know! I know! I don't usually go to the doc, but hey! now it's a different story.

Went to the grocery to pick up some items for my Chicken-Mushroom Paella (which later on turned out to be slash Biryani) and Shrimp Cocktails. Then off to Hanna's place, waited for her to finish taking a shower while she let me wash the dirty dishes *lol* Back to my place around 9ish and found myself slaving over our small kitchen. An hour and a half later, Chicken-Mushroom Paella/Biryani and Shrimp Cocktails ready to serve to those brave enough to eat them :p I had my share of cheesecake (courtesy of B!) and a glass of Skyy Melon with Melon Juice hmmm heaven.

By 1ish we were ready to hit the gay party just down the Burj Residence, the three of us wearing short shorts. As always, it was awesome! click! click! click! smile for the cam bitches!

We went home @  5am!

* f r i d a y *

After a totally-off-my-face night, I had no choice but to wake up @ 3pm cos I needed to get ready again to celebrate with my friends who were 'available' that night at 
360° in Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The plan was to go to DFC and look for an alternative dress and shoes at 4pm, but that didn't materialise cos, lets face it I'm just damn lazy and takes too long to prepare. B! and I were outta door by 7pm picked up Hanna and Chito, finally reached 360° at 10! Two bottles of wine later (i poured the leftover on a Voss bottle *ha*) we went to Barasti but we were shooed off by the bouncers, they won't let anyone in after 1am, bashtards! Since some of us were starvin, me especially cos I didn't eat anythin that day we ended up in Chowking @ The Walk. Fun and laughters and more bashing! I loved it! I love my family and friends! I love those who loves me! You guys are the BEST!!!
xx tink

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