Wednesday, October 28, 2009

fabulous buys (then)

|christian dior| ph althero nude > i lost this on a cab!

|chanel| |juicy couture| i remember buying these two items at the same day after my birthday... i sold the chanel bag for half the price cos i wanted to get a grey one, but i lost that money and still dont have a replacement till now :( and i have the juicy couture cable velour track top in darker colour, it has seen three winter seasons...see totally worth spending the bucks... 

|dolce & gabbana| the most comfy shoes ever! from dancefloor to the beach :D 

|ed hardy| it was a question of 'tee or hoodies'? the price difference was like 50 dirhams!

|bebe| i have this in lime green but i think the pink is a pretty look too! - i wear this to the office :)

|forever 21| blue sequined mood! - i wore this on H's birthday...will wear it again this winter!

 |mango| dress impact - worn once at a party in Chi, dunno if im gonna wear it again...

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