Sunday, January 1, 2012

HNY > Day 1 > 30 day post challenge (beauty & end of the year edition)

HELLO 2012!

Either you partied out till wee hours in the morning or just had a quiet nice dinner at home with the familia (like me), I hope everyone had a great time welcoming the new year.

Another year...another's a new beginning...just like a new diary...the pages are empty...lets all start fresh with nice, positive, wonderful and happy thoughts...

My first post of this year...I thought I would give that "30 day post challenges" a go and what's better way than to start "day 1" on the first day of the year :D

Day 01 — Your favorite eyeliner

i've tried pen, gel, pencils...but i will always be faithful to the liquid eyeliner types... 

MAC Liquid Eyeliner in Boot Black


i think i was supposed to post just one product...but couldn't resist...i also love the Vivid & Smooth Liner from Maybelline and wonderful!

Day 01 — Your favorite song

My 2011 fave song has to be Someone Like You" by Adele. As a friend always say...she's the next queen of England :D

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