Thursday, September 8, 2011

bonding with my little monsters

Since we moved to our tiny apartment in Bur Dubai last June, we get to bond regularly… swimming at the rooftop of the apartment. I don’t really know how to swim, but I’m getting there :D

I love watching them play in the pool making loads of noises and even talking about the “other people” around us out loud. I got tired of shooshing them so I just let it, they’re little people. In fact, they use the phrase “other people” a lot. They used to call our ex-flat mates “other people” and anyone they see or meet but can’t remember the name “other people”. They also use the Tagalog version of “other people” which at one point Zoe mistakenly uttered “ibang tae” (literally translated: other kaka, or poop or shit) ha ha funny little monster. She makes everyone around her laugh, especially with her Cartoon Network accent, and the lines she memorized from PPG, Ben 10 and Bakugan.

Zoe's own words/lyrics

that means, i'm going to a partey!

lock and lor!

kase gusto ko ma-come

mommy's not wake-upping

*singing* im not afraid, to take the stairs, everybody, come take my man

*singing* its a colour after one, im all alone and i need u now

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