Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Killers _live! @ Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi_

its been a week since the concert, and i feel like im still on a high from brandon flowers ♥ 

they were already on stage singing 'human' when we arrived... we had to squeeze our way right up to the front of the stage... or to the side at least... well we did have an excellent view, we were so close, only three rows back... and down to one when the concert is almost over... i only have few clips of them playing... i didnt get to record 'mr. brightside' and 'smile like you mean it' the songs that made me like them when i first saw them on the o.c. =)


1. Human 

2. Somebody Told Me 
3. For Reasons Unknown 
4. Bones 
5. The World We Live In 
6. Joy Ride 
7. Human (piano version) 
8. Bling (Confession of a King) 
9. Shadowplay 
10. Smile Like You Mean It 
11. Spaceman 
12. A Dustland Fairytale (gradually breaking off to a snippet of "Can't Help Falling in Love") 
13. Read my Mind 
14. Mr. Brightside 
15. All these Things that I've Done


16. This is your Life 

17. Jenny was a Friend of Mine 
18. When you Were Young 


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